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iteraplan 5.1 out now!

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  • iteraplan 5.1 out now!

    With release 5 iteratec has introduced a new product in April, which is now extended and improved further with version 5.1.

    A monthly management report on your Enterprise Architecture achievements along your roadmap or a specific visualization of individual aspects through all layers of the iteraplan meta-model? This is now possible! The Graphics Reactor creates your own individual visualization. An XSL transformation shall specify the compilation and layout of iteraplan data. With the right script, the output can also be done in HTML, Excel or PowerPoint. By using round-trip even complex layouts for future runs can be reused.
    With 5.1 more possibilities are now included to configure the new Nested Cluster and the Landscape Diagram in our new interactive client. Both charts were completed and improved and can be used with larger data sets. The third graph in the new client, the Information Flow Diagram, is launched. Elements can now be repositioned by drag & drop. Other functions in the chart will be published in the next release. With the new Tool Area you can configure your graphs in a comfortable and easy way.

    Among many other improvements iteraplan is now Java 8-compatible. Test drive the new release via our Online Demo or download the Lite Edition of iteraplan 5.1:

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    Is there a schedule / date for iteraplan 6.1?


    Thomas Liskow


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      Will iteraplan 6.1 be released till 25 Jan 2018 ?
      If not will could not hold the deadline for GDPR in May 2018.
      Reinhard Tockner


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        Guten Tag Herr Tockner,

        vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.

        Iteraplan wird voraussichtlich vor dem 25.01.2018 verschickt werden.

        Viele Grüße,

        Christoph Stangl - iteraplan Support
        iteraplan Product Support