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    First of all, interaplan is an amazing tool. I am now using the Lite Version, but hopefully I can convince the management to invest in the full version.

    Although I have some trouble in decisions I have to make. Let me try to explain it in a simplified situation.

    We are using ERP LN is our main ERP system. We have 4 business units using ERP LN. Three of the business units is using ERP LN 10.1 and the other one is last year upgraded to ERP LN 10.5.

    Business units:
    BU001 - Amsterdam
    BU002 - Amsterdam
    BU003 - Bangkok
    BU004 - Bangkok

    We are using 3 servers:
    ERP LN 10.1 (location Amsterdam) - SERVER_AMS_001 (BU001 and BU002)
    ERP LN 10.1 (location Bangkok) - SERVER-BKK-001 (BU003)
    ERP LN 10.5 (location Bangkok) - SERVER-BKK-002 (BU004)

    For each ERP LN server we have installed the Application and the SQL component. So on SERVER_AMS_001 we have for each business unit a separate application and separate database.
    For one of the business units BU002, there is an interface with another system: BI, while the other business units do not have an interface with them.

    In first instance I try to create an interface between ERP LN 10.1 and BI. But this is not true, as BU001 is not using BI. Should I create for each business unit a different information system?

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    Thank you for your great feedback for the Lite Version. Since your question is quite detailed, I will get in touch with you in person.

    Kind regards