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Technischer Baustein vs. Informaationssystem

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  • Technischer Baustein vs. Informaationssystem

    Hallo, ich fange gerad an unsere Unternehmens- Anwendungs- und Infrastrukturlandschaft im Tool zu modellieren. Ich bin bei einigen Softwarekomponenten im Zweifel, ob ich das als technischen Baustein oder als Informationssystem erfassen soll. Ein Beispiel ist der "MS SQL Server". Das ist ja schon eine sehr mächtige Anwendung. Weitere Beispiele sind die Software "Oracle Datenbank Server", "MS Active Directory" ...
    Wie ist Eure Erfahrung/Euer Rat. Ist das ein Informationssystem oder ein technischer Baustein? Es gibt ja Argumente für beides.

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    wir modellieren es primär als Technologie. Nur MS AD wird als Informationssystem modelliert, da es Daten Schnittstellen bereitstellt.



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      I want to model a set of SOA business services (I will group them). SOA services rely on Legacy Information Systems and are consumed by other Information Systems (and sometimes by other SOA services).

      It seems to me that the "IT Service" block is for ITIL services. So I do not think I can use it to model my SOA services. Alternatively: model my SOA business services as an "IS" block? Ideally, it would require a "SOA Service Catalog" block.
      What do you think?
      Thank you.


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        Hello Stéphane,

        thank you for your interesting question. Although the naming of the IT Service relations might suggest an ITIL-like use, other uses are also possible.

        For your requirement (IS based on IT Service which is based on another IS) one idea would be the following: Model IS as IS and model the Service as IT Service. Distinguish between the two types of IS via an custom enum attribute. Another idea, regarding a SOA Service Catalogue block: Maybe you could rename and use the Information System Domain, if it is not already in use at your installation.

        As always the proper modelling also depends on your requirements regarding reporting and visualizing your data.

        With the upcoming release 6.1 it will be possible to attribute the IS to IT Service relation. With this new feature you could directly distinguish two types of IS/IT Service relations: relies on / consumes

        Best regards
        Fabian Kainzinger